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Discover your big picture vision backed by evidence based practices to take inspired action.

Working with me you get a whole-hearted framework that has been fine-tuned and developed over the past 20 years.  I have confidently used the Lead Love Leap Framework to edit and design my own courageous life and it has been tested and experienced successfully by hundreds of women.

A Lead Love Leap Framework with the following philosophies at its heart:

Permission & Purpose

Giving yourself permission to stay in your own lane, stop following what others are doing and realign with your authentic purpose to do the work.

Get ready to love big!

Accountability & Action

You get to own your responsibility and accountability to step into your radical, authentic and brave life. 

Get ready to roar!

Truth-Fuelled Growth

It’s time to deep dive into your values towards transformational growth.  Helping you to reframe the same old excuses and the limiting stories you tell yourself to reclaim your personal power. 

Get ready to leap!

Mindset & Mindfulness

Here you learn that your mindset is ground-zero!  Fear no more, you will confidently develop practices that have you saying ‘here is a chance to leap to your potential’.

Humanness & Heart

Get ready to make your mark on the world! While you can take all the courses and inspired action you can, the secret ingredient is your humanness and heart. It’s your time to stop hiding and show up, to claim it, own it, heal it and speak it.

Strategy & Space

It’s brave work living in alignment with purpose and you’ve got what it takes.   With equal measure of strategy and space you get to be guided, mentored and coached with the tools and practices you need!

Courage & Connection

Having the courage to ROAR in life, work and biz doesn’t have to cost you big!  It’s why I‘ve created the Lead Love Leap Framework. 

Radical Authentic Leadership

Begins with you! It is inclusive, vulnerable and fierce…and all about leading from the inside out.  Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are your superpowers here.

Start Here

Courage to Lead

Courage to Love

Courage to Leap

Courage to ROAR


“Kylie, you lead with heart and connection.

I think your style of leadership is inclusive and big picture. You have supported me to dream big while sitting with the T's and crossing the I's. You have helped me in my business by always and I mean always believing in my abilities and being an authentic encourager, who is not afraid to give the feedback I need to hear. You lead by example and have respect and care for humanity, you inspire me!  Your ability to do what you can, when you can and where you can is something I admire greatly and your courage and commitment to follow your path is what every woman, young and old needs to see (visually) happening in real life not just on social media. You are a community spirited leader!”

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Hi I'm Kylie Bartlett

Transformational Coach and Leadership Consultant

My life work as a certified transformational coach and leadership consultant has opened the door for women and girls to confidently lead from within.

I have a big-hearted vision for women to harness the power of their authentic feminine leadership traits to lead, love, leap to their potential.

Drawing on decades of educational, leadership and organisational experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, my expertise is the catalyst for change inspiring individuals, teams and organisations across local, regional, national and global networks to up-level their brave and revolutionise their own growth. 



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